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Helping companies get the most from the workplace wellness and transportation wellness programs and initiatives they provide by creating a wellness culture that builds and supports trust and encourages health and well-being.


Our highly personalized coaching sessions are designed to strategically guide leaders down the path of company culture change to IGNITE personal health and well-being, stress-reducing leadership, a vibrant workplace, and inspired and productive employees.  

We use our six-step IGNITE process to help you:

  • Establish a wellness-focused vision that recognizes many dimensions of well-being.

  • Develop a workplace culture framework that matches business values with wellness values.

  • Create a plan that will IGNITE your people and workplace practices.

  • Transform your environment and atmosphere in a way that best serves the health and well-being needs of your employees.

Balancing Rocks


We know your time is valuable. Our goal is to provide the tools, coaching, and support you need while taking up the least amount of your time.


Each personalized coaching session includes robust strategic steps to help you address your specific needs with built-in ways to measure your progress.


We go at your pace but with the encouragement to see significant benefits within the first year through a plan fully developed and in place within the first six months. 


We are flexible regarding the frequency of coaching sessions and use in-person and Zoom conferencing to meet your companies needs. 

Workplace Wellness Culture Development Coaching Program

We provide values-based coaching strategies and cultural development tools to help you weave the importance of personal health and well-being into the fabric of your company. 

Our highly personalized coaching and tools are designed to strategically guide your company down the path of wellness culture change to:

  • Develop stress-reducing leadership methods that help your leadership team partner with employees in a way that encourages lifestyle behavior change for health transformation.

  • Create a vibrant and productive workplace culture through the development of wellness values.

  • Align business values with wellness values while navigating barriers. 

  • Determine the best ways to provide lifestyle wellness support to your employees to help them identify and mitigate stressors and health barriers. 

The results?

  • Lower accident rates and enhanced workplace safety.

  • Improved operating costs.

  • Reduced liability exposure.

  • Increased trust and loyalty.

  • Raised employee satisfaction and productivity.

  • Diversity attraction. 

  • Increased employee retention.

  • Lower health care medical costs.

The Tools?​​

  • Six-Step IGNITE Coaching process tools:

    • Workplace Culture Audit

    • Employee Wellness Survey

    • Workplace Values Assessment

    • Framework Development Guide and worksheet​

    • Strategic Planning Guide and worksheet

    • Navigating the Barriers Guide and worksheet

    • Action Plan Implementation Guide and worksheet

    • Leading to Reduce Workplace Stress training

  • Support tools

    • Orientation Program

    • Lifestyle Wellness Promotion Program

    • Wellness Modules

    • Virtual Coaching Programs

Set up a FREE consultation TODAY to review the strategic tools we offer and begin creating a values-based workplace wellness culture that focuses on employee health and well-being.

IGNITE Change Six-Step Process