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Well Driver Transportation Wellness

Well Driver Recertification Ready
Virtual Coaching Program

Are You

Recertification Ready?

IGNITE the Change Within

This 16-Week technology-based coaching program, developed by a CDL trained registered dietitian nutritionist, provides driver-focused daily messages, educational videos, handouts, and tip sheets covering eight content areas to help you prepare and pass your next CDL medical exam. This program also includes our Green Light Restaurant Guide, which contains dozens of recommendations from over 40 travel center restaurants to make selecting nutrient-rich meals easier when you are eating away from your truck. 

You will monitor your physical health and evaluate other dimensions of your well-being along the way so you can make necessary health and well-being adjustments. This program uses a secure and HIPAA-compliant portal called HEALTHIE. The portal is accessible from desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

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Doctor and Patient



$ 25/week for 16 Weeks


  • Transportation-focused educational videos

  • Educational handouts

  • Coaching tip sheets

  • Several biomedical assessments to help you evaluate and monitor your physical health and well-being

  • IGNITE change process

  • HIPAA-compliant Healthie portal accessible from any device - desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone  

  • Eight content areas covered

  1. CDL Medical Exam Preparation

  2. Healthy Eating on the Go

  3. Behavior Modification

  4. Mindful Living

  5. Blood Pressure Management

  6. Diabetes Management

  7. Stress Management

  8. Smoking Cessation and Tobacco Management


Please note: Payment is set up upfront. We do not currently contract with health insurance providers.

Are you ready to take control of your health and well-being one small step at a time?


Do you want to be sure you get the most extended medical card possible?


If so, click the BUY NOW link below and get started TODAY!

Recertification Ready

One-on-One Recertification Coaching

Interested in a more personal experience? Consider the Well Driver Recertification Readiness one-on-one program that provides a series of educational emails, targeted preparation action steps, and three coaching calls to help you complete an exam pre-trip check in the 90-days BEFORE your CDL medical exam is due to avoid dealing with a short term medical certificate after.

Not sure which program is right for you? Set up a FREE 20-minute strategy session, and we'll help you zero in on the best package for your health, well-being, and CDL medical card goals. 

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