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IGNITE the Change Within
for Health, Wholeness,
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Tanya Fasnacht Jolliffe is an international author and speaker passionate about helping people live healthy and whole lives of purpose. Recently she has engaged audiences at various online summits. She has also been a frequent podcast guest enjoying conversations with a variety of audiences, including the #1 United States parenting podcast, Beyond Risk & Back, the
Australian motivational podcast, Motivation without the Hype, as well as the 
Women In Trucking Sirius XM Show

Are you looking to help women attain a new perspective on identity through understanding the role of mindfulness and non-diet wellness culture?
Do you want to help people apprehend the value of lifestyle well-being in disease management?
Do you have a group that needs a better perspective concerning body acceptance and health at every size?
Are you a business leader that wants to IGNITE company culture change through a focus on well-being?
Tanya has the passion and experience you need with the engaging presentation style you want! Let her provide your audience with actionable content that sets them up to begin taking steps toward lasting health transformation for diet freedom, well-being, wholeness, and life happiness. 
Connect with Tanya today to IGNITE the Change Within your audience at your next event or an upcoming podcast episode. Scroll down to see where Tanya has been speaking lately.

 Thank you so much for another AMAZING presentation!! If your team, group, organization, etc., is looking for a speaker, I highly recommend Tanya Fasnacht Jolliffe!!

-- Matt Taske -  Delhi Business Association

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