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Your path to food and body freedom and health transformation!

Moving away from chronic dieting or disorder to embrace and master attuned eating and intuitive living is a process. We have the tools and mindful strategies you need to make the shift.


We deliver health transformation through diet, body, and life freedom using a person-centered process that integrates nutrition therapy and lifestyle well-being.


We believe people can be healthy at every size and that health and well-being are more than a number on a scale


We offer two different one-on-one coaching programs. Each one uses non-diet, attuned, and intuitive principles designed to teach you HOW to take control of food and activity, thoughts, feelings, habits, and behaviors.

We know that to gain lasting freedom, you must also learn how to cherish your body. We help you understand your body type and how your view of your body impacts your lifestyle choices. 
Understanding how other dimensions of well-being, such as mental, emotional, social, and relational well-being, influence your physical well-being is also essential for lasting change. We will also dive into the influences of your spiritual well-being from a Christ-centered approach.
By moving away from diet culture and embracing a culture of well-being, you will be able to recognize and affirm the lifestyle choices that enhance your health and well-being. You will also be able to be honest and fair about what may need to change to help you reach health, wholeness, and happiness.
Our coaching approach isn't like those using a counseling or therapy method.
We help you develop awareness and tools for your specific issues and equip you to put your devices into practice so you can end chronic dieting and disorder for good.
Get started on your journey to food and body freedom today and IGNITE the Change Within ~ body, mind, and spirit.

Are you struggling with a fixation on the body, clean eating, excessive exercise, restricting insulin, or other eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder? If so, you are in the right place! Our fresh approach to recovery support has helped people just like you win your battle once and for all. 
Tanya is a non-diet registered dietitian nutritionist that understands the struggle that diet culture has created. She previously floundered with body image issues, disordered eating practices, and orthorexia. She embraced intuitive eating and attuned movement techniques to leave behind disordered behaviors and chronic dieting habits. She understands the journey to food and body freedom and wants to help you find your way.

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"This process helped me see rational versus irrational thoughts and learn how to not be consumed by food."

“The program increased my desire to eat and enjoy nutrient-rich foods."

"The coaching tools were eye-opening and helped me see my values, personality, and well-being more clearly and how they were impacting my food and activity behaviors."

"This program is something special."

"This program was money well spent providing great value for what I received. It is a very intentional program that helped me reflect on my choices and how they were impacting me mentally and physically. "

"I have developed a whole new vantage point."


"I have been able to see my obsession and the way I use food and activity as a coping mechanism much more clearly. The process is helping me recognize triggers and change my mindset."