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Knowing what you want out of life is an important key to a happier and healthier physical, mental, and emotional life.


It requires: 

  • A plan that promotes growth and development.

  • A framework that helps you reach short term goals with long term health and well-being in mind.

  • A process that will IGNITE a fire within and put meaning into employment, daily tasks, and routines.

We have the tools you need to create that plan and framework and IGNITE that fire!

Let us help you evaluate your lifestyle wellness and create a strategy to reach your life goals. Scroll down to learn more.

Focuses on physical well-being including activity, nutrition, and health habits. 

Focuses on your ability to identify and define physical responses to external triggers.

Focuses on mental associations, feelings, and reactions to emotional triggers. 

Focuses on daily habits related to beliefs, principles, and values used to direct life.

Focuses on how the people and relationships around you impact your life. 

Focuses on the amount of information and knowledge you take in and dispense. 

Focuses on how you deal with people, conflict, time, and work to life balance.  

Focuses on the use of gifts, skills, and talents in a purposeful way. 

Focuses on the level of satisfaction experienced with current and future financial situations.  

Focuses on daily habits from an environmental impact consideration. 

Lifestyle Wellness Coaching Program


Get help establishing and meeting life goals!


Tools to assess ten areas of health and well-being.


Virtual or in-person one-on-one consultation with an integrative wellness coach to develop the goals and action plans you need to successfully IGNITE the changes you desire.




Advanced Lifestyle Wellness Planning Assessment tool

One hour-long consultation session

Lifestyle Wellness Planning Goal Setting & Action Planning tool

IGNITE change process

Healthie portal accessible from any device - desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone

Please note: Payment is taken upfront. We do not currently contract with health insurance providers.

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