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Mindfulness Journey

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Diet culture has created a society with a weight stigma and body fat phobia. This unhealthy culture has caused people to believe they MUST be on a diet or fitness plan and losing weight to fit in with society.

Because of this diet culture, many people have lost sight of health at whatever their size while blindly ignoring all other dimensions of well-being. The world's values of fitness and segmentation have overshadowed the wellness values of health and wholeness.


Is it time to move away from diet culture?


Is it time to embrace health and wholeness?


Beginning to develop mindful awareness about what you do with food and exercise and why you do it is a step toward healthy and whole living and away from diet culture.


Once you have become mindfully attuned to the habits, rules, routines, and rituals you follow, you can begin to move beyond them.


The Mindful Me journaling program helps you begin your journey away from diet culture and disorder toward health and wholeness.

The Mindful Me Journey Book
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Unsure if diet culture has caused you to develop food or exercise issues you should investigate further?


Answer these questions and find out. 

  • Do you regularly obsess about food, weight, appearance, or exercise?

  • Do you get on the scale and feel good or bad, depending on the number?

  • Do you refuse to eat certain foods? Has that list become more and more restrictive? 

  • Do you eliminate entire categories of food from your diet (no carbs, no sugar, etc)?

  • Do you talk frequently about feeling fat or overweight?

  • Do you hide food or eat in secret?

  • Do you fixate about the quality of the food you eat?

  • Do you have inflexible eating patterns?

  • Do you link your self-esteem with adherence to a certain regimen?

  • Do you uncontrollably consume large amounts of food and then feel guilt or shame?

  • Do you continue eating even after you are full?

  • Do you hate what you see when you look in a mirror?

  • Do you become anxious, angry, or feel guilty when you miss a scheduled workout?

  • Do you spend a lot of time planning meals?

  • Do you closely track how many calories you burn while working out?

  • Do you consume food rapidly, eating until you are uncomfortably full?

  • Do you get argumentative or defensive when someone questions how much you exercise or how you eat?

  • Do you have food rituals? (e.g., eating foods in certain orders, excessive chewing, rearranging food on a plate)

  • Do you avoid mealtimes or situations involving food?

  • Do you eat alone because of being embarrassed by how much you eat?

  • Do you exercise rigidly—despite weather, fatigue, illness, or injury?

Did you answer “yes” to a couple of these questions? If so, you will benefit from taking a closer look at food and activity thoughts, feelings, habits, and behaviors by using "The Mindful Me Journey" journaling program.


Did you answer "yes" to several of these questions? If so, consider exploring your specific issues surrounding food and body image with an integrative health and wellness specialist in one-on-one coaching using "The Mindful Me Journey" journaling book.

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“This program helped me to separate the emotions from eating. Each time I reach for a snack I ask myself whether I am hungry and will this food actually make me feel better after I eat it."

“The program has helped put a greater desire in my heart to eat more nutrient-rich foods and enjoy them!"

“This program doesn't focus on good and bad foods, but on the freedom to make the choices that are the best for you. It's really about freedom from obsession over what you're eating, so that you can go on to be a better you in other areas of your life as well."

"Journaling through the book helped me to see my issues more clearly."

"I am able to slow down now, make healthier choices without feeling deprived, and to face the emotions better than I was. It has also encouraged me to spend more time in healthy movement."