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“If you are interested in tackling your eating and exercise battles once and for all, this is the program for you! We all know how to step into the ostracizing or food eliminating rules of dieting and exercise, this workbook will kindly show you how to come to peace with your struggles and reside in your dreams. Do you want a step-by-step “walk home” to acceptance, love, self-care, and freedom from body or weight obsession? This is the journey for you.”

“This program guides individuals as they seek to revamp their relationship with nutrition and activity. Each journey is unique and so is this program. The Mindful Me Journey offers self-reflection in small steps that can be walked alone or with specialists in medicine and Medical Nutrition Therapy. As a Registered Dietitian, I would utilize this journaling program with a variety of individuals who have difficulty changing their health habits to maximize well-being.”