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It's Time For You to Become Mindfully Free

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The Mindfully Free Coaching Intensive is Your Path to Food, Body, and Health Freedom!

This coaching intensive includes everything in the Mindful Me Coaching program PLUS much more!


Ready to increase awareness surrounding your food and body mindset and behaviors? This program has what you need! We help you take concrete steps of discovery to understand yourself and your triggers better. Then we help you learn how to use targeted tools and strategies to apply what you discover to your day-to-day life while providing unlimited support.

Mind and body freedom to eat and move for health and well-being comes when you connect body, food, health, and fitness thoughts and feelings to the behaviors they produce. Developing mental well-being to support true freedom requires identifying and acknowledging when thoughts and actions are not grounded in truth. It also requires taking those untrue thoughts and actions captive and knowing how to reframe and redirect them.

Guided application of non-diet intuitive eating principles and mindset clarity is foundational in this coaching intensive.

Our systematic approach will help you form a healthy foundation by identifying, reframing, and managing food, health, and body-related emotions, feelings, and thoughts in a whole new way.


The toolbox of skills you create will allow you to adopt nourishing, balanced, and health-focused food and activity behaviors without feeling trapped or experiencing feelings of guilt, shame, condemnation, or obsession. And lifestyle well-being integration will help you identify and relieve life stressors triggering behavior patterns that also limit health. 

If you are ready to break free from the daily obsession, calculation, planning, and control you experience surrounding food, activity, health, and your body to claim lasting recovery, health, and freedom -- this coaching intensive is for you. 

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"I have gained an enormous amount of awareness over what triggers me and developed tools to overcome."

"This program was much more intentional than other counseling I have done. 
It really makes you take a deeper look at weak points and then break down the components of them. This coaching made me rely more on my own thought processes rather than on a counselor to “fix me”."

"I was very hopeless and had a lot of condemnation regarding my eating habits and battle with bulimia. The tools helped me see the truth about my diet mentality and body image. I was in therapy a couple of times and it focused on my past, this gave me tools to change my future."



$1197 for four months of food, mind, health, 

and body awareness, application, and freedom focused

coaching, tools, and support.

 Paid in full, monthly, or weekly payment options are available.



  • 1 Initial Consultation

  • 8 Focused One-on-One Coaching Sessions

  • Body image eLearning Program ($50 value)

  • Body Image Mentoring

  • Values Assessment

  • Basic Lifestyle Wellness Promotion Program ($39 value)

  • Lifestyle Wellness Integration Activities

  • Actionable Assignments for Toolbox Building

  • IGNITE change process

  • Secure HIPAA-compliant Healthie portal - Accessible from any device: desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone

Please note: We are a private pay company with payment initiated upfront. We do not currently contract with health insurance providers, but clients may use HSA/HRA/FSA cards following card guidelines. Clients can print their invoices and submit them to an insurance provider for possible reimbursement. A billing statement can also be provided to clients upon request for insurance company submission. Since coverage varies, contact your insurance company to see if your plan has benefits.

Do you still have questions or need additional information?  Is cost a concern? Set up a FREE 20-minute strategy session, and let's talk.

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