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Your Healthy Athlete Mission Statement

I will receive nutritionally sound and wellness-focused sports fueling and hydration guidance from someone who knows how to do it right and wants to help me succeed in my athletic performance while enhancing my health at the same time. I want to be healthy at my size and won't succumb to the diet and fitness culture trap that I know will limit my athletic success and long-term health.

How You Can
IGNITE Your Performance

We believe you are ready to IGNITE the Change Within your athletic performance so we help you do that by:

  • Identifying your genetic body type and learning how to use it for success regardless of your size and shape

  • Determining nutrient and hydration needs based on your age, body type, size, and training demands.

  • Developing a personalized nutrient, fueling, and hydration plan to support growth/maintenance, training, and performance needs.

  • Supplying you with personalized consultation and coaching.

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Your Change IGNITER

Tanya Fasnacht Jolliffe

You have the benefit of working with someone that has been there. Tanya Fasnacht Jolliffe is an accomplished and acclaimed high school and collegiate athlete who has been inducted into the Hall of Fame at both her high school and college.  


She is also a credentialed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Licensed Dietitian in the State of Ohio and a Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional. 

Ready to Get Started?

Set up a FREE 30-minute strategy session where we will zero in on the best package for your health, wellbeing, and performance goals. 

NOTE: Parents should attend the session with any minor.