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Tools and Coaching to IGNITE well-being to save dollars and retain drivers.

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Is it time to consider a new approach to transportation wellness?

Health transformation requires more than offering classes, programs, and fitness challenges.



Lasting change requires a workplace culture that infuses well-being into your business mission, vision, and core values so that personal health and well-being can be expressed daily through the people, practices, environment, and atmosphere of the workplace.


When all of these areas work together you can develop an incredible workplace culture that centers around well-being that will help you:

  • Lower accident rates behind the wheel

  • Enhance safety on the dock and in the yard

  • Improve operating costs 

  • Reduce liability exposure 

  • Amplify employee satisfaction

  • Raise employee retention


When many companies create well-being as their focused workplace cultures to produce lasting health and well-being change for their employees, we will see health transformation in the entire transportation industry. 

Why not be a leader in industry change?

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Did you know that what people eat and drink each day has a direct impact on their level of safety?


Did you know that a recent RAND study confirmed that about 70% of healthcare costs have a direct relationship to personal behaviors? 


Did you also know that at the same time, about 74% of all healthcare costs can be attributed to four chronic health conditions - diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and cancer?

The transportation industry, especially drivers, dock workers, and dispatchers, is plagued by four major behavior-related health issues:

  1. Hypertension

  2. Diabetes

  3. Heart/cardiovascular disease

  4. Obesity


Three of these are part of that 74% of healthcare costs. Take a look at your medical use summary and see which categories are costing your company the most money. 


Workers also battle with chronic life stress and stress in the workplace which negatively impacts all four of these health issues even further.

In the midst of a driver shortage and the uncertainty of a pandemic, it is certainly understandable why companies have lost sight of the importance of seeing a change in their employee's health and well-being.


What if I told you there is an emerging best practice in workplace wellness that CAN help your company not only turn around the health and well-being of your team BUT also help you attract and retain drivers at the same time?


Whether using our transportation-focused tools to independently create a culture change or partnering with us through a personalized coaching program for guidance and support, we have what you need to create a culture that promotes well-being to transform health, reduce stress, improve safety, and become THE company where everyone loves their work and is healthy while doing it. 


Why should you make a shift in focus now? Because a healthy and well worker is a safer worker and a less stressedhappier, and more productive worker that wants to help your company succeed and tells others why they should work there too. 

A 2018 Deloitte Insights article sums up the importance of focusing on well-being this way:

“Well-being is becoming a core responsibility of good corporate citizenship and a critical performance strategy to drive employee engagement, organizational energy, and productivity. It is also a growing expectation among the talent companies most want to recruit, access, and retain. No longer an optional or narrowly focused element of the rewards menu, well-being is now front and center as a business imperative for leading, high-performance companies.”

Are you ready to be an industry change agent? Let us help you weave the importance of personal well-being into the cultural fabric of your company to create lasting health and wellness transformation that not only saves you money but also attracts and retains the best talent at the same time. 

Book a FREE 30-minute consultation TODAY to learn more about how you can develop a well-being-focused workplace culture to help you retain drivers, improve safety, and save health care dollars.

Start with orientation

Strategies and tools to help you establish a culture of wellness from the beginning of employment with your company that benefits drivers, dock workers, and your entire team so they travel down the road to better health.

wellness modules

Resources to help you provide ongoing transportation-focused health and wellness information all year long at safety meetings, in-service training, or as topics of the month. 

Virtual Coaching

Virtual coaching programs that support wellness modules but also stand-alone and encourage personal health behavior changes using the convenience of technology-based coaching whether employees are in the office or on the road.  

wellness Evaluation

Strategic tools designed to help you identify the current wellness values and culture your company expresses so you can determine the steps necessary to IGNITE  lasting health transformation within your organization either independently or with personalized coaching.

Transportation Wellness Leaders

"Tanya will be an asset."

Bob Perry,

Consultant for Espyr on Fit To Pass

Tanya is one of the most knowledgeable health and wellness professionals I have ever worked with. She possesses the skill set to educate, train, and communicate her knowledge to all sectors and populations, including at the executive level. Tanya is excellent in facilitating and participating in round table sessions as well. Her ability to see ahead down the road, where potholes may be, is an important skill she brings to an organization. I hope to have her as a teammate again someday. 

Stephen Kane,

President of Rolling Strong

Tanya is an expert in the wellness arena. She holds a high standard of professionalism and sets the bar for the methods and standards in which a wellness program is run. In addition to her meticulous sense of detail and organizational skills, Tanya developed an excellent rapport with all whom she encountered. Tanya worked as the Director of Wellness and Training and sourced, hired, and managed our nationwide network of CDL wellness coaches. She built internal training processes, authored training handbooks, and enforced policy. I value her input, advice, and opinions and am confident that Tanya will be an asset in any position.

Proud Member of Women In Trucking