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Happy Bus Driver


Is it time to consider a new approach to retention?

We know the secrets to ensure your trucks or buses have seated drivers and that you experience less employee turnover for medical reasons while also increasing employee productivity and job satisfaction.


Would you be surprised if I told you one of the keys is increasing collaboration by decreasing the work done in silos? 


Industry leaders suggest that 25% of fleet driver loss is related to health, medical care, and medical leave reasons. Your company culture has everything to do with employee retention, and we can show you how, coach you in using tools to begin making changes THIS quarter, and support you along the way. 





Helping your company embrace physical health AND mental well-being is key to maintaining fitness for duty and safety while working. 

Ready to be a logistics health leader for industry change?

Are You A Driver? 

Are You Recertification Ready?

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Learn about how you can prepare for your next DOT medical card physical with the help of our tools and resources by clicking the button below. 

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Amid a driver shortage and the uncertainty post-pandemic, it is certainly understandable why companies have lost sight of the importance of seeing a change in their employee's mental well-being and physical health as a means to retain and attract the workforce they desire.


What if I told you there is an emerging best practice in workplace wellness and employee health that CAN help your company attract and retain employees and turn around your team's health while saving your company money simultaneously?


There has never been a better time to partner with us through a personalized coaching program for guidance and support. We have what you need to create a culture that promotes well-being to reduce stress, improve safety, and transform health into a company everyone loves, where everyone is healthy and whole, and where others want to join.


Why should you make a shift in focus now?


Because a healthy and well worker is a safer worker and a less stressedhappier, and more productive worker that wants to help your company succeed and tells others why they should work there too.

A 2018 Deloitte Insights article sums up the importance of focusing on well-being this way:

"Well-being is becoming a core responsibility of good corporate citizenship and a critical performance strategy to drive employee engagement, organizational energy, and productivity. It is also a growing expectation among the talent companies most want to recruit, access, and retain. No longer an optional or narrowly focused element of the rewards menu, well-being is now front and center as a business imperative for leading, high-performance companies."

Are you ready to try retention in a whole new way?


Let us help you weave the importance of personal well-being into the cultural fabric of your company to attract and retain the best talent, create lasting health and wellness transformation, AND save money at the same time through transportation-focused well-being.

Book a FREE 20-minute consultation TODAY to learn more about how you can develop a transportation-specific, well-being-focused workplace culture to help you retain drivers, improve safety, and save health care dollars.

Start with orientation

Strategies and tools to help you establish a culture of wellness from the beginning of employment with your company that benefits drivers, dock workers, and your entire team so they travel down the road to better health.

wellness modules

Resources to help you provide ongoing transportation health and wellness focused information all year long at safety meetings, in-service training, or as topics of the month. 

Virtual Coaching

Virtual coaching programs that support wellness modules but also stand-alone and encourage personal health behavior changes using the convenience of technology-based coaching whether employees are in the office or on the road.  

wellness Evaluation

Strategic tools designed to help you identify the current wellness values and culture your company expresses so you can determine the steps necessary to IGNITE  lasting health transformation within your organization either independently or with personalized coaching.

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