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IGNITE a Holistic Wellness Culture to Manage Weight and Health Using Strategic Lifestyle as Medicine Solutions

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"I am truly enjoying this journey. It has been both enlightening and empowering and SO liberating to detach from the numbers - scale, clothing size, or BMI.

You have developed an amazing  business!"

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PREDICTIONS FOR 2024! How to Prepare for What's to Come?
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PREDICTIONS FOR 2024! How to Prepare for What's to Come?

Feeling anxious about 2024's unknowns? 🌟 Join the waiting list for The Superhuman University - 🌟 From global conflicts to financial crises, rise of AI and cyber wars, 2024 has so many potential threats that it's hard to not worry. When we face uncertainty, it's normal to feel anxious. But uncertain times are also the best times for growth and transformation! Join expert life coaches as they unveil key predictions for the year ahead, empowering you to navigate potential chaos and THRIVE! Discover: ✨ Insider insights into critical trends: economy, relationships, technology, and more! ✨ Mastermind mindset shifts and powerful beliefs to conquer challenges and seize opportunities. ✨ Proven techniques for adapting to change, boosting resilience, and achieving personal growth. ✨ Expert guidance to help you emerge from 2024 stronger, happier, and more fulfilled! Ready to transform uncertainty into your greatest success? Watch now this powerful paneland unlock your 2024 potential! MEET THE COACHES: Matt Sturgess - Sue Hedley - Melissa Acob (Coach Mel) - Maureen Scanlon - Tanya Jolliffe - Lauren Wenzell - Amruti Borad - Chuck Barnard (Coach Chuck) - Denice Hinden -
What the Health? Proactive Steps Toward Driver Health & Wellness: 2023 Accelerate! Conference
Women In Trucking Association, Inc.

What the Health? Proactive Steps Toward Driver Health & Wellness: 2023 Accelerate! Conference

Statistics reflecting the poor health of our general population are alarming. Over 33% have high blood pressure. More than 100 million are living with diabetes. Greater than 11% of the population is diagnosed with heart disease, while about 70% of healthcare costs are directly related to alterable personal behaviors. At the same time, companies spend over $8 billion annually on workplace wellness programs. Yet, employee health still worsens, healthcare costs rise, and drivers continue to battle to maintain their DOT medical cards. Join this panel of health experts who specialize in the transportation industry to learn how connecting the vision and value of health and well-being with the people, practices, and atmosphere of the workplace culture helped a company successfully impact driver DOT physicals, retention, safety, and health. Gain wellness culture best practice action steps to help you begin implementing change at your company. Attend this session to: - Understand how implementing a recertification readiness initiative (and other practical steps) impact DOT medical card length - Recognize how offering a robust health and well-being-focused company benefits package impacts company health, morale, and retention - Gain practical wellness culture tips to analyze and initiate company health and wellness opportunities across company departments to assist with company KPI objectives. Learn more about the Accelerate! Conference & Expo hosted by the Women In Trucking Association:
Tanya Fasnacht Jolliffe: Eat Right, Live Healthy | Female Founders Podcast #060

Tanya Fasnacht Jolliffe: Eat Right, Live Healthy | Female Founders Podcast #060

Tanya Fasnacht Jolliffe, a non-diet registered dietitian and founder of L I T Wellness Solutions, is helping people live healthy and whole lives of purpose. Tanya's experiences as a health coach revealed diet culture's impact on health outcomes, prompting her to start L I T Wellness Solutions. With it, she intends to bring her strengths in non-diet nutrition care, wellness integration, health coaching, and strategic program design to help people "IGNITE the Change Within". Tanya wants to remedy the unhealthy diet culture and help people become mindfully attuned to the habits, rules, routines, and rituals as well as the feelings and emotions. — Watch this episode to learn more about Tanya and how she is helping people make lasting health transformations. — Today, you will learn about: • Tanya's early life and career • Her work as an online healthy eating expert and health coach • Founding of LIT Wellness Solutions • Programs and approaches used to bring about a culture of wellness • Tanya's mission of igniting the change from within • Her work as an author • Advice to budding businesswomen — Key Takeaways: • Do not just think; take action to make the change • Unhealthy diet culture results in harmful outcomes • Non-diet approach fuels a culture of wellness • Becoming mindfully attuned to yourself is key • Stop the comparison game — Check out Tanya Fasnacht Jolliffe: — FOLLOW Tanya Fasnacht Jolliffe: — More from us: LinkedIn: Instagram: Official site: — Subscribe to our YouTube to watch all full interviews: #femalefounders #startups #entrepreneurship #businesswomen #femaleceos #business
The Creative Nomad Show
True Awesome Network

The Creative Nomad Show

Welcome to The Creative Nomad Show! On this week's episode we have Tanya Joliffe A little about Tanya: A non-diet registered dietitian nutritionist and certified integrative mental health professional using an integrated nutrition therapy and lifestyle well-being approach to help people find life and food freedom through behavior management that creates lasting health transformation. Also the author of "The Mindful Me Journey - A 40-Day Guided Journal Toward a Healthier Relationship with Food and Exercise," a mindfulness-based journaling book that was an Amazon #1 new release in 2019 that has now reached international distribution. Make sure to check them out at: About the Creative Nomad Show: The Creative Nomad Show was designed to tell the stories of the Radicals! Those artist, authors, musicians, coaches, and yes nomads that are out there living their True Awesome Life and helping others do the same. Listen to past episodes, subscribe, and sign up to be a guest at About Your Host: Jeff is a Productivity Coach, Jedi Cleric and host of The Creative Nomad Podcast. He has worked with multiple international best-selling authors, artists, coaches, and Fortune 500 companies to create brands, grow sales, and create systems and processes that foster freedom creativity, productivity, and profitability. He is currently living in a 1987 Kit Roadmaster 5th Wheel with his young puppies, Prince Rupert & Prince Fredrick, so that he can live more intentionally, see beautiful places, and show others that you can live your true awesome life no matter what that looks like. Get to know him at: Website: Podcast: Clothing Line: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: TickToc: Life Coaching Today:
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