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 IGNITE an attuned lifestyle that leads to food, body, life, and health freedom!

"I am truly enjoying this journey. It has been both enlightening and empowering and SO liberating to detach from the numbers - scale, clothing size, or BMI.

You have developed an amazing website and business!"

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Tired of diets? Me too!

You don't need another diet plan, you need lifestyle behavior understanding that allows you to increase happiness by accomplishing athletic success or attaining food, body, and health freedom.

Tanya Fasnacht Jolliffe, RDN, LD, CIMHP

A non-diet dietitian nutritionist using an integrated nutrition therapy and lifestyle well-being approach to help people end diet culture behaviors forever as they IGNITE the Change Within to find success, health, wholeness, and happiness.

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IGNITE the Change Within

The transformation that brings freedom is a process that starts with a desire for change. The stronger the desire, the larger the spark of intention to IGNITE the flame of change.


Once that flame has been ignited, you help it build through strategic skill development and intentional lifestyle culture choices that strengthen behavioral control and create consistent positive well-being outcomes that allow the fire of transformation to spread and grow.

Our six-step IGNITE process will help you 

IGNITE the Change Within

to break free from your cage

to live a happy, whole, and fulfilling life.