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The Foods You Need

Whether you are eating away from your truck while out on the road, traveling for business, or away from home with family, it has NEVER been easier to find nutrient-rich options. It has also never been easier to find options that will NOT benefit your health or aid in your medical condition management. My mother used to repeat the saying often, "There is a big difference between need and want." Well, that applies to the choices that are made when eating away from home.

If you are depressed, you may WANT something you believe will help you feel better.

If you are angry, you may WANT to do what you want without thinking about the consequences.

If you are lonely, you may WANT a favorite to provide companionship.

How many of you have ever thought about the way you use food when you are away from home? Many of us use food differently in the comfort of our home than we do in the stresses that we experience when we are away from home. Fortunately, what you NEED while away from home is available. I have developed the Green Light Restaurant Guide which includes dozens of breakfast, lunch, and dinner suggestions for over 40 frequently found restaurants to help people make nutrient-rich decisions while away from home. Here are a couple of examples of meals outlined that are about 500 calories or less with about 1,000 mg of sodium to help maintain healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels through nutrient-conscious options. What you NEED although maybe not always what you WANT.

Mc Donald's

McDouble Hamburger (400 calories; 920 mg sodium) with Apple Slices (15 cal) and water or unsweet tea. Sausage Burrito (310 calories; 790 mg sodium) with Hash Browns (140 calories; 310 mg sodium) with black coffee and water. Wendy's Jr. Hamburger (250 calories; 420 mg sodium) or Jr Cheeseburger (290 calories; 610 mg sodium) with a Sour Cream and Chive Baked Potato (310 calories; 55 mg sodium) and unsweet tea or water. Sausage Biscuit (470 calories; 980 mg sodium) with Apple Bites (35 calories) and black coffee and water. Popeye's Loaded Chicken Wrap (310 calories; 790 mg sodium) and one Corn on the Cob Cobbett (210 calories; 30 mg sodium) with unsweet tea or water. Bacon Biscuit (400 calories; 780 mg sodium) with a piece of your own fruit and black coffee and water or fat-free milk. Country Pride/Travel Center of America Grilled Chicken Breast Dinner (430 calories; 690 mg sodium) or Cajun (440 calories; 480 mg sodium) or Lemon Pepper Grilled (430 calories; 530 mg sodium) with Grilled Green Beans (80 calories; 320 mg sodium) or Stir Fry Vegetables (110 calories; 230 mg sodium) or Steamed Fresh Broccoli (130 calories; 350 mg sodium) or Sliced Tomatoes (10 calories; 10 mg sodium) or Cottage Cheese (90 calories; 340 mg sodium) with unsweet tea or water. Veggie Scramble (200 calories; 640 mg sodium) with a Turkey Sausage Patty (160 calories; 380 mg sodium) or Oatmeal (210 calories; 10 mg sodium) and Fresh Fruit (60 calories; 5 mg sodium) with black coffee and water. Today I challenge you to consider your feelings and emotions when you are eating away from home and to use the information available to help you make the choices you NEED and can learn to WANT. If you need help with understanding your feelings and emotions related to food, consider using The Mindful Me Journey to help you. We have two virtual coaching programs that include the Green Light Restaurant Guide so check those out as well.

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