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Why not take your action a step further and set up a strategic planning call.

In this FREE 20-minute call, we will help you create a plan of action to tee up well-being for food and body freedom over the next 10 days.

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There are only a few spots available so reserve your spot today and together we will define YOUR next steps to move from where you are to where you want to be. 

Has diet culture caused you to lose sight of the importance of health over body size?


Have you become numb to the food and activity habits, rules, routines, and diet rituals you follow?

Are you unsure if you have food or activity diet culture issues you should investigate further?


Click the link below and answer some questions to find out.

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Dealing with Stress?

Our 8-week virtual coaching program helps you build a toolbox of skills focused on reducing the physical, emotional, mental, and behavioral effects of stress through daily education, encouragement, and coaching tips from the comfort of home through the convenience of technology

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Is Your Life Full of Chaos?

Creating a healthier life requires knowing what you WANT and NEED to live happy and healthy. Our lifestyle wellness promotion coaching programs are designed to help you address all dimensions of well-being either independently or with one-on-one coaching and then set goals and develop an action plan to achieve them. 

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